CHDPC Achieved Continuous Production Safety for 1,000 Days
                                Time:June 29 2016

                                By 00:00, June 26, 2016, China Huadian LowerStung Russei Chrum Hydro-Electric Project (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (CHDPC) had achieved the continuous production safety for 1,000 days, with the accumulated power generation up to 1.988 billion kWh since the project was put into production.


                                CHDPC has laid a solid foundationfor the production safety. With the goal of buildinga long-term mechanism for production safety to realize the essential safety, it has established the safety production responsibility system of people at all levels, improved the safety supervision system, constantly enhanced the safety consciousness skills, improved equipment reliability and ensued the safe, steady, long-cycle and high-efficiency operation of power stations.

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