China Huadian HongKong Company Limited

                                Message from the president





                                China Huadian Hong Kong Company Limited is a fully modernized and internationalized energy company created by China Huadian Corporation based on "going abroad” strategic mission. The Company adheres strictly to its mother company’s principles of “honesty, efficiency, cooperation, service, and environmental responsibility,” steadily expanding into foreign energy markets including Indonesia, Cambodia and Russia. The Company’s competitiveness is constantly increasing as we experience fast yet nonetheless stable and sustainable growth.

                                We wish to work together with corporations around the world to sincerely seek win-win strategies for all involved parties. Our goal is to make China Huadian Hong Kong an energy company that is both an “industry leader in China” while also being “well known in the international energy industry.”





                                • Add: Room 4306, 43/F, No.26 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
                                • Tel: +852-28104588
                                • Fax: +852-28104566
                                • Add: NO.2,Xuanwumennei Street ,Xicheng District,BeiJing
                                • Tel: +8610-83567666
                                • Fax: +8610-66088571

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